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Friedrich Nietzsche’s Philoshopy


By Rasyid Rizani, S.HI., M.HI


Same Idea, that is that deed is all important matter in human life, there are also at FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE ( 1844 – 1900 ). However expert think this its place far than Christian religion and than Communism. The same as by Kierkegard is Nietzche expand in a heavy tussle with the his self and with this world. Also its philosophy is inclusive of desire philosophy.

Nietzche is philosopher from passion – vital passion. Iust by him viewed as by energy of impeller strength in human being. spiritial matter realize the flake covering life Iust this. Flake it is true earn as according to life nafsani which melapisbawahinya. But usually both each other interfere in the. All kinds of Iust to present x’self as soul.

Pursuant to view which that way is Nietzche teach the existence of 2 moral, that is: moral of slave and sir moral

Christian is device turn invert assess the – value. Cause which is viewed as soul Kristiani is refuse all natural as improper matter, geting across all which nafsani. Congeniality ” Allah ” Christian religion is most damage congeniality from all congeniality about Allah swt., cause of Allah swt. viewed as by Allah swt. child – orphan and widow, Allah Swt. people – ill people. Allah Swt. viewed as by a soul, what interfere in once with this life. Soul Kristiani is soul which do not give the penguasan and nobility.

Ideal human being is ” human being – for ” or ” Super ( Ubermensch ). At his desire to in command to lead into the domination of a world of perfectly. This domination can only be reached in grief. Only who is a lot of suffering which can think, and only thinker which really – really

Strength energy pushing this opinion Nietzche is its confidence, that Allah swt. have died, yes that all deity have died. Only human being – for which above the ground. This world still mean because human being – for that. Hence orsng hsrus stick by this world, and there is no need to believe in the existence of expectation – expectation overcoming this world. Human only a kind of string, what is in one party fastened to animal and is on the other hand fastened to human being – for, string linking bunatang and human being – for. Human being is not target of at his self.

Nietzche is one who solitude, struggling deathly to oppose the old values which have in command thousands of year. He wish to create the matter – matter exceeding his self, until all its strength is finished, and its life is terminated by suffering from madness. Even though he represent the one or the other famous filosuf.


Friedrich Nietzche ( 1844 – 1900 ) delivering birth on  October 15th in Reocken, Prusia, Germany. Its Grandfather a priest Lutheran. Its Father die when Nietzche age still be small. Perforced is he is mothered by his mother, and its woman sister. Even he come from priest family of but when he have age to 18 year he leave the Christian religion. He wish free think of the philosophy and other life problem without engagement with the religion teaching.

Having completed Senior High School he enter the University of Bonn and Leipzig. In this University is he deepen the area philogi, philosophy and art. In very young age is he finish the kuliahnya. When he age 23 year he incur is obliged to on duty military of but because he have weak physical to is he later;then free from on duty military. Brief experience in duty military very influencing of its choice to more to elaborating of academic world. He change over for the concentration of its life to deepen the science. Then he teach filogi in University Basel and some other University.

Nietzche often do the adventure to various town in Europe to realize its dream as free human being. On the way he always prepare the time to write the.

Masterpieces Nietzche impressing groan the Christian religion, democratize the, movement of woman and socialism. To Christian religion promptly he say that the God have died the. Human being live as according to strength, manliness and its power. Hereinafter he say that the equality of degree of among human being and among nation is matter which oppose against the natural law fact. For Nietzche naturally one who strength is top kick and something right. Along with Marx and Kiekegaard ” Nietzche is revolutionary thinker third in century philosophy to- 19. Nietzche by xself see x’self as destroyer ” I non-human, I dynamite… I oppose as have never there is opposing.” Though is not systematic and gnawed by schizophrenia to snatch it, its opinion represent the event jarring nature of Europe mind and its vibration is felt hitherto. Whether precisely bahawa of clan pascamodernis claim Nietzche as their grandfather can be hesitated, but that he oppose all mind system cannot be hesitated. Heidegger, Jaspers, and Camus feel owe him. Opened by insane Experienced psychology is its field by him. Though Nietzche only just read the philosophy book anything except Greek philosophy ” He is a amateur of philosophy skill, but soaked up by a fantasy bravery think which ever draw it to attempt – new opinion attempt… Opinion Nietzche possesed by a spirit devil keekstreman and up at which even also he draw the sharpest consequence.” Ethics perhaps cannot learn from Nietzche, but he is surely surprised by him. That bombshell make it realizing x’self. Therefore, Nietzche which is anti discussed in by fullfashioned moralitas of ethics.

Its opinion is not accepted off hand and he is criticized by society of at its life spans. But however its opinion give the students other in modern philosophy opinion nature.

 Nietzche by the end of its life often pain – ill and he suffer the pain bounce. And on August 25th , 1900 he pass away.


  1. Also Sprach Zarathustra
  2. Jenselt Von Gut und Boese ( 1886 )
  3. Zur Geneologie der Moral ( 1887 )
  4. Goetzendaemmerung ( 1889 )


Nietzche occupy the very important place in movement eksestensialisme. We will be difficult comprehend the philosophy Jaspers, Heidegger And Sartre when us is not anal opinion Nietzche. Existentialism Supposing without Nietzche is Thomas without Aristoteles. Meaningless but Nietzche is a eksistensialis cause when that way supposing of Aristoteles of follower Thomas

At its his first book is Die Geburt der Tragoedie, he give the pressure of at natural side of unconscious humanism, voluntaristis, what his according damage the ownself. Its opinion here likely sacrifice the side – natural side of calm manisiawi, conscious, individual, and rational

In the following is view or opinion Nietzche cusorily about human being, moral, religion, and knowledge.

    1. Uebermensch

One of famous teaching Nietzche is its founding about ” der Uebermensch ( human being for ). In Ianguage Inggrisdisebut ” Super”, but according to W. Kaufmann better be translated ” Overman”. According to him human being for human being knowing that ” Allah have died”, that do not adasesuatu even also exceeding or overcoming this world. Human being for target, word Nietzche, and human being only represent the bridge of up at that target

For Nietzche of human being for having power to instruct and bring this world perfectly. Ability like this can only be reached in grief. One who suffer and worry about to think more active and will find the x’self. In dread one would reach the eksistensinya.

And told also that each and everyone have to become a girding value – top-rat and non especial of existing class in bourgeois system, democratize and Christian religion.

In its masterpiece is Thus Spoke Zarathustra tell, only desolately nipping, human being get the challenge for the berkreasi of from ownself. Thereby kreatifitasnya is asli.Selanjutnya he explain that that human being ability [do] not get the aid from whoever, [do] not also from strength of is so-called Allah.

b.   Desire to in command.

In the eyes of Nietzche, will;desire to in command to mean to free from the shackle – psychical shackle, like fear, affection, attention to one who weak. And all kinds of order which press brake the passion and insting. In command mean dare to motivated and live according to spirit [of] that. ” With its criticism [is] keen [of] Nietzche [do] not mean to extinguishe the spirit [of] or propagate its pessimist [is] culture. [Do] not gratuitously he mention the its life philosophy [is] critical to culture as opening a future philosophy”. But, understand – its understanding weared to lay open the will;desire which he x’self as life, aiming to that future no more than will;desire to in command, struggle, ranch, super human being, people – future strongman, flaxen haired beast, apart the, hierarki, etcetera. Become the, understanding – understand that historical sevara and sosiologis – ill defined konkret.

c.   Iust the

Motivation Iust for human being of vital importance. Nietzche tell to let the that somebody passion expand (be) free to. [Among/Between] spiritial life and passion adjoin but each other interfere in the. Passion reside in below/under while spirit reside in the above. Spiritial life can instruct the substratum. that Flake mirroring look in religion teaching, norm and moral. Substratum appearance can immerse in the coat of atastetapi Nietzche tell exactly expression Iust that [shall] no longger perfect. He enhance to let that substratum expand perfection.


Dislike most [is] savage instructed [by] Nietzche to CHRISTIAN RELIGION. According to Nietzche, Christian religion have won the attitude – attitude preventing vital super human being growth, ferocious, and determined by will;desire of power. Christian teach the love love, readiness to accept, [do] not revenge, forgiving, loving enemy, and to ready to to sacrifice the x’self. Immeasurable [of] Christian praise those who have impecunious liver [to], will make peace, kindhearted, and gentle. Moralitas, as contained in ” sermon [in] hill ( Mate 5 ), for Nietzche [is] worship sign to cranky and fail. According to him Christian religion ” by prinsipiil save ill and suffer … making an upside down all… strong, rotting expectation – big expectation, suspecting bliss in beauty [of], breaking arrogant, masculine, the grinder, the gluttonous [of] power, all instinct owned [by] the type ” human being” highest and succeed, become the anxiety, conscience torture, x’self mutilation

Moralitas Kristiani by Nietzche assumed [by] typical moralitas [of] slave, that is moralitas little man, masal, weak, moralitas one who is incapable of awakening and  and determining its own life and therefore then feel the sintemen or catty to those who able to be, strong. Fully jeer the, Nietzche write ” Whereabout moralitas slave start to win the, Ianguage show the kecendrungan to draw near the word meaning ” good” and ” foolish

For the melawan of that moralitas slave, Nietzche place the moralitas sir. In moralitas sir ” good” [is] equal to ” luhur”dan ” ugly” [is] equal to ” lowly”. What [is] assumed [by] a affronting [is] the coward, the sissy, the sempit,si toady cadging – beggar, especially the Iiar…” Moralitas Sir [is] will;desire expression to in command.

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